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Dress Yourself to Look Taller

In peoples quest to be taller, as well as taking actions to physically be taller (e.g. see  How To Get Taller As An Adult ), another strategy is to dress yourself to look taller.

Clothing to Look Taller

Some fashion gurus say to stay away from certain colors while others say to stay away from specific patterns or fabric cuts. Women struggle with this more so than men although men do feel self conscious about their height especially since men are supposed to be taller. There are many fashion tricks that you can try to help you appear taller.

One of the first tricks to dress yourself to look taller is wearing clothes that are the same color from head to toe. Darker colors that compliment your skin tone always make a great fashion hoorah and, while black is slimming, make sure the clothes you wear aren’t too form fitting as it may show off unwanted bumps and rolls that you are trying to cover up.

If you are trying to dress yourself to look taller during the cooler seasons, there are a few things to consider. Stay away from bulky sweaters and wear ones that are thinner in texture. Putting on several layers of clothing also make you appear shorter and heavier as will bulky coats. Wearing clothes that fit your body style and that are form-fitting but not skin tight will also make you look taller. Clothes that fit your specific shape will make you look thinner and will add some inches to your height. If you decide to go the route of patterns stick to patterns with vertical lines; stay away from horizontal stripes and cropped pants as these both naturally make you look shorter.

For men who want to dress to look taller one of the biggest nightmares you can wear is printed clothing. Darker colors make you look taller and thinner as will lighter, more delicate fabrics. Lighter fabrics tend to flow much easier while thicker fabrics stay in one spot and can make you look heavy and even shorter than you already are. Again, wearing clothing with vertical stripes will make you appear taller and thinner. Other fashion do’s to help you appear taller include v-neck shirts, t-shirts and polo shirts. All of these types of shirts expose your neck which automatically creates the illusion of being taller than you are. Also, don’t tuck your shirt into your pants as it makes your torso look much longer than it is.


Shoes To Look Taller

Women should wear shoes that have about a 2 to 2 ½ inch heel which automatically gives you some extra height. Heels that are too high will knock you off balance.


Taller From The Neck Up

Stay away from hats as they can make you look shorter since it essentially squashes your hair cutting off some of your height.

Hair Try keeping a shorter hairstyle as it exposes more of your neck making you look taller and thinner


With these little fashion tricks on how to dress yourself to look taller, you will look and feel taller and thinner, so to all intents and purposes, you will be taller.