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How To Get Taller Using Exercise

How to get taller using exercise

For anyone who is on the shorter side for their age and gender, learning how to get taller using exercise may be a priority for them. Taller people sometimes are seen to have a more outgoing personality and their confidence level is typically quite high. Height is one of the more commonly reported body features that people have a problem with and some go to the extreme just to figure out how to get taller.

The truth is that the most natural way to gain a few more inches of height is by exercising. There are several different exercises and stretches you can do to help you gain a few extra inches on your height. By sticking to these daily stretches and exercises you can add as much as four inches to your height and you no longer will have to ask yourself how to get taller using exercise.

Shoulder Stretches

Shoulder stretches are one of the best and easiest ways on how to get taller using exercise. The way this exercise is done is by lying on the floor face down flat on your stomach. Lift your arms and shoulders slowly off the ground and hold that position for ten seconds. Then, slowly return your arms and shoulders back down to its original position on the floor. You should do this exercise approximately five times in a row daily although remember to breath throughout this stretching exercise. By doing this stretch twice per day you see some improvements within about four weeks.

Leg and Spine Stretches

Another set of exercises that help with how to get taller using exercise is traditional stretching exercises. With these stretches, you practice touching toes as it makes your legs and your spine much more flexible. Another piece of this exercise includes sitting on the floor with your legs spread out in front of you. Lean forward to try and touch your toes while keeping your legs perfectly straight. When you get to the point where you can touch your toes comfortably and easily, stay in that position until you begin to feel your hamstring muscles and your spine stretching.

Body Stretching

Another although less commonly used stretch for how to get taller using exercise includes body stretches. This is the easiest of all stretches for adding a few inches onto your height. For this stretch, you will want to buy a pull-up bar. Hang onto the bar starting off overhand and switching in between overhand and underhand continuously. Do this for approximately five to ten minutes on a daily basis. By changing your grip, you are maximizing your efforts by improving your physical structure and stretching several key muscle groups. This stretching exercise is extremely beneficial for restoring your natural posture.

In addition to these stretching exercises, other things you can do to help you figure out how to get taller using exercise include yoga and aerobic exercise, both of which provide many unique benefits such as nature breathing, posture and pushes your stretching capabilities to the max.