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How To Gain Height – Three Part Height Increase Program








Quote from co-creator who was unhappy about his height:


“As like many other short people end up doing, at the time I bought many supplements and programs from the internet but unfortunately none of them worked. I wasted thousands of dollars for nothing… until I found the website of a man called Darwin Smith; he had a system for growing taller – or so he claimed.

I got started straight away and in a few months I was 2 inches taller. It was great! As if I won the Lottery! (most people do not realize that if you give 2 inches to a short person it’s the equivalent of giving him 2 million dollars!)”


After a while he decided to ensure this information was available to anyone wanting to learn how to gain height.


“I knew that the height increase industry was full of scams, full of scepticism. Thus, if I was going to do anything I needed the help of someone that had already a working system in hand to increase height, and Darwin Smith had it, I was the living proof that his system works!

I found his contact details, called him and asked about the program that he used to have on his website. “Used to have” because his program was discontinued. He never charged for his program and couldn’t manage with the workload. Long Story Short, I convinced him to Re-Make his program – and Grow Taller 4 Idiots was born!

Since then, Grow Taller 4 Idiots have been constantly updated almost on a monthly basis, with the result of being the most popular Height Increase Program of its kind – in the World.”


What Exactly is the “Grow Taller 4 Idiots” Height Gain Program

The following is a list of the chapters that are in the book
how to gain height - three part height increase program - book chapters







You can effectively break the height gain program into three parts:

  • Exercises
  • Nutrition
  • Rest


The program core is the exercised whose purpose is to stretch the spine. These exercises are to be followed daily, and not only will they increase your height, but they will also amplify this height increase effect by correcting your posture.


These teach you the best types of food to maximise your height gain. The combination of good nutrition and stretching exercises provide the optimum height gain results.


This teaches you the importance of sleep. You will learn the optimal sleeping patterns to maximise your height increase, and what to avoid doing which will have a negative impact.


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