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How Do I Measure My Height Accurately

 How Do I Measure My Height Accurately


If you are trying many strategies in your quest on how to get taller, you will likely want feedback on a regular basis to see if your efforts are resulting in you actually becoming taller.

To achieve this, you need to be able to accurately measure your height to compare your height over time.

How To Measure My Own Height

Tools you need are:
– A small box
– A mirror
– A pencil
– A tape measure



1) Take off your shoes and socks
2) Find a flat surface against a solid wall
3) Stand with your back to the wall with your feet together, and your heels touching the wall
4) Make your body as straight as possible. Your bottom, shoulders, head should be touching the wall
5) Put the box on your head and push it against the wall. A box is used to ensure the bottom of the box is 90 degrees to the wall
6) Use your mirror to ensure the box is horizontal, not leaning to the side
7) Raw a line against the wall where the bottom of the box is
8) Measure the distance of the line from the floor, i.e. your height.

(see for more details).


When To Measure

Height change is a very slow process once you have become an adult, hence measuring your height about once a month is sufficient for comparison purposes.

Ensure you do this at the same time of day, or in your daily routine, e.g. when you first wake up, as your height reduces throughout the day as your spine compresses.

Also, make sure you have not changed any other factor before measuring. E.g. if you have drunk a lot of alcohol the night before your measurement, you will be dehydrated the next day, hence your spinal discs will not be fully hydrated and you height will suffer accordingly.