Three Child Height Predictor Methods


Three Height Predictor MethodsIf you are searching for how to grow taller, particularly if you are still a child or adolescent, or a concerned parent, you may also be wondering if there is an accurate child height predictor method which may alleviate some of your fears.

I have written this article from the point of view of a parent.

If you do have any concerns about your child’s natural growth, consult a paediatrician.


Three Child Height Predictor Methods 

I have identified three methods to predict your child’s final adult height.


Method 1: Genetic Based Height Predictor

Height is mainly genetic (see What Can I Influence To Grow Taller), hence one method to predict your child’s height is based on genetics, i.e. the height of his or her parents.

The following website contains one of the many examples of this height calculator.


Method 2: Twice Their Height At Two Method

Based on the Fels Longitudinal Study, simply doubling your child’s height when they turn Two Years Old will be a good indicator of their final adult height.


Method 3: Height Calculator Based On Current Height and Statistics

Another method is to use your child’s current height and age, together with your child’s Parents heights. This predictor of your child’s future adult height utilises statistical data collected from the CDC and other scientific institutions.

Children's Height Calculator

Height Prediction Calculator by TJL Enterprises.


No child height predictor will be 100 % accurate, but these three methods will give you an idea of your child’s final adult height.

One factor on how accurate a height predictor is, is that they are growing in accordance with their full height potential.

To ensure they grow taller at their full potential, it is important that you are aware of all factors which affect this, e.g. diet, to ensure there is nothing detrimental to their natural growth process.

Please leave comments on your experience of using a height predictor, or if you have any other kids height predictor methods which you have found accurate.

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