Sleeping Positions To Get Taller

Sleeping Positions To Get Taller

Throughout the day your spine is continually compressed due to what it is carrying, so at night when you are sleeping you have a great opportunity to alleviate this compression, allowing your spine to lengthen, and so for you to become taller than when you went to bed.

To maximize this height gaining affect, your sleeping position is important.


Two Sleeping Positions To Get Taller

There are two sleeping positions that are easy to adopt.

Side Lying

If you like sleeping on your side, try sleeping in this position:

  • Lay comfortable on your side,
  • Flex your hips about 30 degrees (i.e. bend your legs forward at your hip joint 30 degrees)
  • Flex your knees 30 degrees backwards so your lower legs are in front of your upper body, but pointing in the same direction,
  • Use a correctly sized pillow so your neck is straight, not angled to the side,
  • Put a pillow between your knees to keep them hip distance apart.

Back Lying

If you are a back sleeper, try this position:

  • Lay on your back,
  • Ensure you have a correctly sizes pillow to support your head. It should feel comfortable and not push your head forward or back (see,
  • Put a pillow under your knees you angle them up slightly.


Worse Sleeping Position

Don’t sleep on your stomach, as you have to kink your neck to one side


Am I Growing Taller?

So how do you know if this is working? If you are like me, you will want feedback over time to prove this is working which will also motivate you to keep doing this.

Simply measure your height on a regular basis over time and compare the results (see How Do I Measure My Height Accurately).


For More Details, watch the following video:


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